Tech vs. Training: How Will You Invest Your 14% in Tax Cuts?

Posted by Foresight Staff on April 05, 2018

As the corporate tax rate has fallen from 35% to 21%, it’s time you start thinking about how your business will invest the extra 14%. Will you spend it on technology or invest it in training future leaders?

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Topics: Talent Retention, Healthy Business Growth

Here's Why Your Company Should Be Preparing Millennials To Lead

Posted by Daniel Giraldo on January 19, 2018

The Millennial generation (1981-1997) is the largest in work force history according to a 2016 PEW Research Center article. Currently, it comprises the majority of the consumer market base, and soon, they'll make up the majority of the work force, too. After that, they'll be calling the shots.

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Topics: Succession Planning, Talent Retention, Multi-Generational Workforce

The Top 3 Indicators Your Company Should Invest in Leadership Training

Posted by Candido Segarra on January 05, 2018

The problem many organizations face today is not a shortage of people—it is a shortage of skills.

After more than 10 years of success as a leader in management development, we’ve come up with the criteria for recognizing how and when to invest in your organization’s future. Here are the three main indicators that right now is the right time to make financial room for training.

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Topics: Leadership, Employee Development, Talent Retention, Management Development, Healthy Business Growth

5 Insightful Ways to Measure Impact of Management Training

Posted by Daniel Giraldo on September 25, 2017

Did you know that 83% of organizations aren't equipped with the right information to measure and evaluate the success of their training? If you’re planning to invest in the best management training out there, then you’re probably wondering how to effectively evaluate its impact. Here’s a quick breakdown on how you can do just that in the time it takes to read through this blog post!

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Topics: Leadership, Talent Retention, Management Development

Towards Talent Retention: Why to Invest Now in Management Training

Posted by Daniel Giraldo on September 19, 2017

More often than not, one of the most important aspects of effective leadership gets neglected. Quarter after quarter, and fiscal year after fiscal year, time and resources are budgeted in ways that, while certainly contribute to revenue growth, don’t cultivate value where it counts in the long run—with people.

Simply put, management development, as a component of successful leadership continuity, needs your urgent attention. What's currently in its place? That new, expensive piece of equipment, the painful software migration, the costly expansion.

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Topics: Leadership, Succession Planning, Talent Retention, Management Development

The Millennial Perspective on Employee Development

Posted by Daniel Giraldo on September 08, 2017

The millennial generation has been given a bad rap over the years. They’ve been labeled as lazy, entitled, spoiled, soft—in worst cases, all the above.

But when it comes to Millennials in the workforce, these brandings are inaccurate statements and overgeneralizations of younger, hardworking employees.

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Topics: Leadership, Employee Development, Millennial Generation, Talent Retention, Management Development