The Business Developer's Guide to Time Valorization

By Daniel Giraldo, Editor | September 28, 2017
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time valorization

DISCLAIMER: this is NOT the same advice you've seen or heard repeatedly on how to manage time effectively. Everyone knows that it isn't time so much as it is the priority of tasks in need of rearrangement, anyway.

And so, this blog asks not "how can I make better use of my time," but "how can I add value to my time?" And since you're taking time out of your day to read this, the information below has been condensed into three painless time valorization habits you can implement now to effect change in your organization today.

1. Take Urgency for Action.

Efficiency isn't always about speed. And speed should never be a substitute for urgency. In this case, thinking smarter—not harder (or faster) about the growth of your company is Priority 1.

time valorization

You might not be able to avoid “fighting fires,” but as a business leader, your focus should be on adding value to time (and resources) by urgently putting into place a foundation for healthy business growth. One example of this comes from an earlier blog post where investments made to develop managerial leadership was determined to be time best-spent. Dollar for dollar, management development yields enormous returns on investment if done right!

For all business decisions, develop a sense of urgency to understand how tasks impact the value of your time and everyone else’s.

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2. Procrastinate, No More.

Time has always been the currency of business. And procrastination has always depreciated investments of time both in and out of the workplace. Aside from rethinking urgency, following through with tasks that add value to your organization is fertile ground for growth.

Generally, opportunities for development should be recognized immediately, as soon as they appear. And making a habit of taking action on these instances can quickly put you on the fast track to success. Otherwise, you may just find yourself on the waters of stagnation, with plenty of wind, but with no sail.

3. Deal in the Real.

As a follow on from the first two habits, seek tangible results whenever possible. This can be difficult if metrics aren’t in place for calculating value in real time. As a rule of thumb, formulate plans that specify desired results (you can't hit a target you're not aiming for, right?)

You don’t need to become a data junkie, but quantifying and qualifying the value of your time is essential to determine business growth. Establish that value for your organization and arm yourself with the right information, for the right time, so that you'll be poised for the growth.

Remember, time valorization considers how you can add value to time. In closing, keep the following words in mind: True success doesn’t come "slow and steady," but once your organization is "primed and ready" to execute effectively.


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