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Tech vs. Training: How Will You Invest Your 14% in Tax Cuts?

Posted by Foresight Staff on April 05, 2018

As the corporate tax rate has fallen from 35% to 21%, it’s time you start thinking about how your business will invest the extra 14%. Will you spend it on technology or invest it in training future leaders?

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Topics: Talent Retention, Healthy Business Growth

Leading Change in Communication, Part II: Inclusion

Posted by Foresight Staff on February 08, 2018

Communication is a skill
that can either be cultivated to strengthen your organization or neglected to the point that it cripples your bottom line. Indeed, the way your company communicates affects all facets of production, logistics, operations, and employee interactions. So, it's well worth your time to ensure your communication culture is a constructive one.

In Part 1 of our "Leading Change in Communication" series, we discussed the paradigmatic importance of conveying trust through conversation rather than projecting authority by dishing out demands. But trust doesn't stand alone. Leaders, in order to reap the benefits of lucrative communication practices, you'll want to incorporate an element of inclusion, too.

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Topics: Communication, Leadership

The 3 Questions You Should Be Asking To Cut Down on Meeting Costs.

Posted by Foresight Staff on January 17, 2018

Here's the bottom line. Your meetings are costing your organization too much in terms of money, time, and other cognitive resources. Because docking pay from your employees and top-level executives probably isn't the most preferred course of action, it's wise to examine other time-sensitive alternatives. Here are three simple thoughts to consider next time you're planning a meeting along with some cost-saving solutions you can implement right away.

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Topics: Time Management

Flock of Ages: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce [Quiz]

Posted by Foresight Staff on January 10, 2018

You've heard it before—the old adage: birds of a feather, flock together. While this is true both in and out of the workplace (for humans as well as birds), a recent article in The Leadership Quarterly, defines the term Flock Leadership as a useful means of identifying leadership opportunities in organizational settings. In the article, the authors describe how this form of collective leadership is relational rather than hierarchical, requiring an individual's awareness of their own unique strengths. Thus, the results aid in the development of systemic responsibility for all.

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Topics: Communication, Leadership, Management Development, Multi-Generational Workforce

Recover Your Zen in 4 Stress Reducing Steps.

Posted by Foresight Staff on December 28, 2017

A recent press release from the American Psychological Association reported that 61% of the stress in our daily lives is derived from work. A separate survey from Statistic Brain highlighted that 48% of people said stress has had a negative impact in their personal and professional lives. Even more disheartening, roughly 75% of those individuals regularly experienced physiological symptoms caused by stress, like headaches, rapid heartbeat, insomnia and others.

This may not come as a surprise. The end of the year is ripe with stressful situations. But, rather than try to account for the all the things outside your control, here's a list of steps you can take to relieve the effects of stress in your life:

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Topics: Leadership, Employee Development, Management Development, Time Management

Get Newton With It! A Goal in Motion, Stays in Motion.

Posted by Foresight Staff on December 22, 2017

Research from the Statistic Brain Institute shows that 92% of the people who set New Year's goals, in 2016, never actually achieved them. Those who failed to meet their goals cited symptoms of busyness while others stated that their goals were simply forgotten over time. This begs the following question: What does it take to achieve my goals?

The answer isn't rocket science, but it does entail a basic fundamental principle of physics.

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Topics: Leadership, Employee Development, Management Development, Time Management, Healthy Business Growth

These 5 Tips Will Turbocharge Your Productivity (+1 That's Overlooked)

Posted by Foresight Staff on December 15, 2017

It’s the end of the day, and instead of feeling accomplished, you feel defeated. Ever stop to wonder why? You look back at all the emails you read and replied to, all the calls you answered and made. Yet, even with all the tasks you completed, there’s still that nagging feeling you can’t shake—the feeling that you’ve been unproductive.

More often than not, this sentiment can be the result of starting your day in response mode: the feeling that your time's been hijacked by what other people think you should do. It’s annoying, right? Whether or not you’ve prioritized your day according to goals you’ve set before, success is determined by actions—by those you do, but more so by those you don’t do.

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Topics: Leadership, Employee Development, Management Development, Time Management

How Healthy is Your Plan? Your DIY Consultation Guide.

Posted by Foresight Staff on December 08, 2017

As the old adage goes, preparation is only half the battle. Planning tools like the Eisenhower Matrix (discussed in an earlier blog post) can certainly be used to resolve conflicting priorities when developing your plan, but a successful plan also entails regular evaluation.

In terms of our health, we often schedule appointments when we feel under the weather. Preventative care, however, (much like management development training), works at the opposite end of the wellness spectrum. It requires initiative. By the same logic, we can check the health of our own plans before things get awry.

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Topics: Leadership, Succession Planning, Management Development, Time Management, Healthy Business Growth

The 6 Questions You Must Ask To Start Planning Like You Mean It.

Posted by Foresight Staff on December 06, 2017

The end of the year is often thought as the best time to reflect and refresh big-picture thinking. But, strategic business leaders will agree that there’s no best time for planning since the process is an ongoing one. A good plan constantly responds to changing conditions and circumstances. A great plan not only provides a blueprint for the direction, focus, and organization needed to stay on task, but it also evaluates whether our goals (and the goals of our employees) are properly aligned.

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Topics: Leadership, Employee Development, Management Development, Time Management, Healthy Business Growth

Going Up? 3 Smart Moves to Support and Sustain Business Growth

Posted by Foresight Staff on October 19, 2017

It should be overtly stated (and undeniably understood) that status quo thinking in business is a hazard to avoid at all costs. With so much going on in your organization, adding more layers of planning, analysis and safeguards to infrastructure might seem a bit unreasonable.

Maybe you've just invested a wealth of time and resources into streamlining processes? Perhaps you're reaping the benefits of an effective marketing campaign? Whatever the case may be, you know your business is growing, or you hope it's ready to take off fast. Generally speaking, however, the associated thought behind this kind of static behavior is that there just isn't enough time for anything else anyway. It isn’t more time you need.

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Topics: Leadership, Succession Planning, Time Management, Healthy Business Growth